Comment on Nazism by "Theodore Dalrymple"

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The worst thing about the passage that I have quoted is its apparent endorsement, or uncritical acceptance, of Freud’s characterization of the Nazis as “right-wing.” This seems to me simplistic to the point of dishonesty, or at least symptomatic of a desire that complex social and political realities should be located on an analogue scale from right to left or left to right. If such a scale must be used, it seems to me that there is as much, if not more, reason to place Nazism on the left of it rather than on the right.

Not that this would be satisfactory, far from it. As Bishop Butler said, every thing is what it is and not another thing; Nazism was what it was and not another thing. If it could not, and cannot, be fitted neatly on to a political analogue scale, so much the worse for the scale. To change the figure of speech, we must not construct Procrustean conceptual beds.

Does it matter, however, if Nazism — being what it was and not another thing — is routinely characterized as being right-wing? I think that it does matter, for the following reason. There is a false syllogism that has a profound psychological effect:

Nazism was right-wing.
Conservatism is right-wing.
Therefore Nazism was conservative and conservatism is Nazi.

But Nazism was not conservative; when the Nazis called their advent revolutionary, they were right. There was nothing conservative about their movement at all. But the “syllogism” above has insinuated deeply into the minds of our intelligentsia, which is why so many of them are afraid of the supposed taint of conservatism.


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  1. Right-wing and left-wing only applies to branches of socialism. Nazis are right-wing socialists, Communists are left-wing socialists.

    To say conservatives are right-wing is ridiculous. To be right-wing means you've succumbed to some form of ideology which by definition makes you leftist.

    Modern day leftists will tag their opponents as right-wing only to give their insane ideology (whatever it may be) the pretense of balance.

  2. "But the “syllogism” above has insinuated deeply into the minds of our intelligentsia..."

    And no matter what happens, they won't let go of it. They want conservatism to be smeared as nazi. Even when their own dreams and wishes are more in line with the nazis and today, with Jew-hating muslims.

  3. Any attempt to preserve the culture, heritage and identity of existing peoples is neither "Nazi", left, or right.

    It just is....The races undoubtedly exist, both on a visible and behavioural level. The globalists and the one world government types seek cultural and racial dissolution because it suits their own purposes which are often out of self interest, a search for self abusive relevance by seeking "rank" as a means to rule others and to have one's name written into history so as to obtain a meaure of immortality.

    The Prig seeks to conquer and make better others rather than amend its own short comings...For this it is usually universally detested, but wails that it is in fact misunderstood or persecuted.

  4. Just to highlight how sick the collective European mind has become..
    When any member of a minority group feels that they do not "fit" or are aggrieved somehow, for any reason, the European promises that he will change his ways, do anything, even commit self harm or suicide, just to make the complainant feel "better".
    This of course fails to ease the pain of the complainant, who only complains more because the perceptions that comprise the issues of the complaint are his alone.


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