Kevvie's take on workers rights - KEVIN Rudd has downplayed reports he and his ministers treat staff like dogs as a near-record employee burnout of almost 60 per cent in just more than two years has been revealed. Despite Mr Rudd pledging to tear up former prime minister John Howard's hated WorkChoices, 262 ministerial staff - from a total of 444 positions - have departed since Labor came to office.
You see that's what you get when you have a rude, empty-suit gasbag of a PM issuing gaseous platitudes almost every day, promising this and that like Santa Claus and his staff then have to run around to deliver the impossible. Just like most leftist blowhards, he expects reality and the world to conform his particular fantasy of the day and that just won't happen. And it's no better further down the socialist food chain folks.
Three ministers have recorded staff turnover of more than 100 per cent, with Youth and Sport Minister Kate Ellis having 13 departures from a staff of 10. At least one was a part-time university student while several others left to have families.
He's leading by example you see, he probably shits all over his ministers when they can't make his buffoonery work and they then shit all over their employees too. I'd understand if the fellow was actually achieving something, taking the country forward, lowering taxes or something, but it seems the more kevin fiddles, the more shit seems to pile up.
The Prime Minister himself has lost 28 staff, with Government insiders describing his office as resembling a "transit lounge". But Mr Rudd said the high pressure of a political office meant it couldn't be compared to the private sector.
Oh yeah sure sauce-boy, here's another thing you can compare to the private sector, with your track record of broken promises, stuff ups and cost blowouts. You'd never last a month in the private sector chump. Oh and I'm sure you'd whine that you can't be held accountable like in the private sector.

Here's to hoping the voters of this country boot you out onto your useless ass at the next election.

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