I have been pointing out the Leftist bias of Snopes for years now but a recent article does a pretty good job of pointing out that they cannot be trusted on anything political. Even when given the facts, they ignore whatever does not suit their Leftist agenda

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


  1. That "article" was illiterate tosh.

    "I have recently discovered that is owned by a flaming liberal and this man is in the tank for Obama. There are many things they have listed on their site as a hoax and yet you can go to You tube yourself and find the video of Obama actually saying these things. So you see, you cannot and should not trust, ever for anything that remotely resembles truth! I don’t even trust them to tell me if email chains are hoaxes anymore."

    He's angry at Snopes for putting things into context.

    Snopes also debunks the many false rumours about conservative figures such as Bush, Palin, and Reagan.

    Perhaps your bugbear is that it doesn't tow the extremist fringe line that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim? But why should I expect better from a man who posted fake nude pictures of Obama's mother?

  2. Roy

    You need to swot up a bit

    You "toe" lines -- as in a race. I know no way of "towing" them

  3. Excuse me John. We can't all be "as educated as it is possible to be."

    Do you have any response as to why two apparent "leftists" would spend so much time debunking myths about conservative politicians if they have a political line to push?

  4. "But why should I expect better from a man..."

    And yet here you are expecting over and over and over.... damn retard.

  5. "debunking myths about conservative politicians"

    Because they love the fair and balanced concept? No, that can't be it.

  6. Then why is it AR?

    MK, when you throw ad homenim attacks at me it defeats the argument that there are no ad homenim attacks here.

    So far my highlighting of an obvious fact has meant that nobody has been able to prove me wrong.

    Snopes is not biased towards the left. At best it has a bias towards reality.

  7. You are retarded roy, i'm merely stating a fact based on your incessant ranting, not calling you names. it's really that simple, the mere fact that you don't get it proves my point.

    Oh and the warning applies to you, irrelevant of the fact that you're too stupid to get it.


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