Hope she stuck the bastard good

News.com.au - TWO masked bandits armed with a gun broke into a house as a couple were sleeping upstairs in Essendon this morning. One of the men was stabbed by a woman during the terrifying burglary in Essendon just after 1am, police said.

The woman and man were awoken after hearing voices, and found the two men inside the house wearing balaclavas. Police said the woman grabbed a kitchen knife and confronted one of the men as he made demands for cash.
Too bad it's pretty much illegal for people to defend themselves with guns in their homes, she might have put two in the scumbag and saved us all a lot of trouble and money. This way he'll probably turn up at some hospital with a sob story and send us the bill, piece of shit. Oh but.. but.. our strict gun control laws keep guns off the streets, crow the gun-haters. Yeah those same laws worked real swell preventing those two assholes breaking into that home with guns.

Hats off to that woman by the way, good on you for taking on those bastards lady, Lord knows what else they were going to do to you, maybe they'll think twice before they take another house, you've done us all a favor.

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