Action from Rudd at last: Freeze on "asylum" applications

But action of the hamfisted sort one expects of Leftists

THE Federal Government has frozen processing of all applications from asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan to try to stop the tide of arrivals.

The suspension of processing is effectively immediately, and will be reviewed in three months for asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and in six months for asylum seekers from Afghanistan.

It says changing situations in both nations may affect visa applicants' claims for protection. The Government says it accepts its Christmas Island facilities are stretched because of the number of arrivals.


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  1. Who wants to bet this will actually cause more arrivals?

  2. If this isn't racism and bigotry i don't know what the fuck is. Suddenly afghans and sri lankans are less equal in the eyes of our people-smugglers-can-rot-in-hell asswipe of a pm.

  3. The effect of a real opposition, I suspect.


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