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BNP - Decades of Labour and Tory-created political correctness is the reason why a Bolton man killed himself after making an innocent joke to a black friend which was then used to launch an investigation of “racial abuse.” The shocking story of medical technician Roy Amor, who killed himself after being suspended from work following a complaint that he made a “racially insensitive” joke to a black friend, has illustrated the regime of terror which political correctness has created.

Mr Amor, 61, described as a gifted prosthetic maker, was severely depressed after he was suspended and told he would lose his job. Mr Amor’s “offence” was to say to his black colleague that “you had better hide” when some immigration officials stopped outside the clinic where they were working. The black colleague, who was a close friend of Mr Amor, laughed along with the joke, but someone else lodged a formal complaint.

...The tragic incident is an insight into how the state-created terror of political correctness has created the situation where even the mildest of jokes can be turned into a personal disaster. The British National Party has dedicated itself to destroying all vestiges of this artificial and utterly wicked political correctness disease which is the inevitable consequence of the last few decades of Tory and Labour rule.

BNP - The National Health Service has amended its hygiene rules to allow Muslim staff not to wash before attending to patients — in the same week when it was ruled that a British nurse’s crucifix could not be worn at work. ...According to an announcement by the Department of Health (DoH), female Muslim staff will now be exempt from the rule that all personnel be scrubbed and bare below the elbow.

Long sleeves have been identified as one of the leading causes for the spread of bacteria responsible for the superbugs. In addition, the DoH also announced that Sikh employees could wear bangles “as long as they can be pushed up the arm during direct patient care.”

At the same time, British nurse Shirley Chaplin was ordered in an employment tribunal called to adjudicate on a discrimination battle with Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Trust, to stop wearing a crucifix because it “might carry bacteria” and could “scratch patients.”

...The lifting of the sleeve ban is a direct result of agitation from the Muslim community that female NHS workers should dress modestly in terms of Koranic teaching and that this included not baring their arms in mixed company. The multiculturalist ideology promoted by decades of Tory and Labour rule has led to these demands, and the measure to prevent the spread of disease will now only be applied to non-Muslim staff.

...The British National Party is the only party to demand that the NHS be completely revamped to ensure that it is staffed primarily by British people and that First World standards are enforced and maintained. A BNP government will ensure that sufficient funding is given to the NHS to recruit and train British people for work at livable wages in this vital sector.


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