Zero-care was always meant to fail

Stephen Spruiell, NRO - ...In 1994, Kentucky governor Brereton Jones, a Democrat, strong-armed a series of health-care reforms through the Democrat-controlled state legislature over the reservations of Republicans and some conservative Democrats. Like both Clintoncare and Obamacare, Kentucky’s House Bill 250 forbade insurance companies to deny people coverage because of preexisting illnesses or charge them higher rates based on their medical histories.
My point for bringing this up is to illustrate that zero-care [funny how that isn't far from the truth is it] has already been tried elsewhere in America, never mind that it's failed just about everywhere else, let's ignore that for a minute. So have a look at how swell zero-care has worked out in Kentucky.
...In Kentucky, average premiums increased between 36 and 165 percent over the four years following the reforms, and more than 40 insurance companies left the individual-insurance market. The two remaining providers, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and a state-run plan called Kentucky Kare, teetered on the brink of insolvency (Kentucky Kare went under in 1999).
Why it's almost as if liberals saw the consequences in Kentucky and decided that's what they like about zero-care and decided they must do the same to every other state in the country. Why else would they want to foist what has led to disaster in Kentucky upon the rest of the nation if disaster isn't what they really want.

On the plus side, Kentucky figured out its ass from its elbow really fast and repealed their version of zero-care. Even the democrats who voted for it stopped bullshitting that it was all wonderful and admitted they effed up, so to speak.

So there is hope, there is a real chance that zero-care can be repealed and zero's arrogant, sneering ass will be kicked back into his place. No I don't mean, back into his place as bill clinton's coffee boy. Just as a mediocre leftist who failed to screw over America.

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