The wonders of socialized health - AN ELDERLY man suffering from asbestosis had to call Triple-0 from his hospital bed in Lismore Base to get help from a nurse. Eighty-seven-year old World War II veteran Kevin Park called the emergency number after night shift failed to hear the brass bell he was given as a replacement to the electronic call system at the hospital, which is still not operational.

Yesterday a still angry Mr Park said after ringing the bell for 45 minutes, ‘desperate times demanded desperate action’. “This is like the Third World. We are being treated like dogs.” ...Lismore Base Hospital Medical Staff Council media liaison officer Dr Chris Ingall said the poor state of Lismore Base Hospital was symptomatic of the crisis gripping the health care system. “They are running down Lismore Base Hospital in anticipation of a Federal Government takeover,” he said.
Get used to it folks, as the electorate demands more and more services and the ass running this country into the toilet unleashes his health take-over plan upon us, it'll only get worse. Bear in mind the colossal stuff-up that was the insulation rebate program and the school infrastructure program, and you have a small idea of what the healthcare system in this country is going to look like when he's done with the gaseous platitudes and rides off into the sunset claiming victory and glory.


  1. There was a recent story out of the UK in which a young man in hospital who called the police to try to get some water, because the "nurses" were ignoring his pleas. When the police showed up, they were told "the situation is under control" and left ... apparently without checking for themselves that he was being cared for. The young man died soon after, and the news story says he died of dehydration.

    Neglected by 'lazy' nurses, man, 22, dying of thirst rang the police to beg for water

  2. I remember that one Ilíon, and i remember thinking, it'll come here soon as well.

    I'm sure in both instances some sort of useless inquiry was set up with promises of justice and this to never, ever, really never, ever to happen again.


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