Leftists sudden concern for taxpayer money

The Australia - JULIA Gillard has backflipped on the $16.2 billion school's stimulus program, caving into public pressure led by The Australian for a national inquiry into the scheme. Ms Gillard has announced the establishment of a task force to investigate complaints associated with scheme on all issues including the lack of value for money for taxpayers.
You know it's an election year when leftists pretend to give a shit about taxpayers money. Heck, they didn't give a flying @#$% when people's homes were burning down and millions were being pissed away so this shows they're definitely worried about public opinion. On the plus side, it's good to see that they can at least be cajoled into doing the right thing. Now don't be surprised if the results of this task force are only due to report their findings conveniently after the election.

I just hope the electorate doesn't fall for crap like this, a government ought to see these sorts of failures without having to waste millions of dollars first. I heard Julie Bishop the other day on the radio telling us that they had a good scheme in the Howard government that didn't have all this wasteful crap, so it can be done if the state must do all this and if you want to look out for the taxpayer.

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  1. The inquiry is just so Kevin10 can avoid answering questions prior to the election. They will just bat away any questions the compliant media should accidentally ask with, "Just let me say this, we have done the proper thing, which is what is responsible in these circumstances, which is to establish an inquiry in to the matters you raised, and having said that, just let me say this, we will not be irresponsible like members of the opposition in jeopardising any findings before the inquiry by forward-guessing their content."


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