The voiceover guy long used by insurance company Geico is a Leftist so he took it upon himself to leave a typically abusive comment on the website of, a mainstream libertarian/conservative organization.

Every now and again, however, the patience of us conservatives wears thin and we react to all the abuse we receive by letting the light of publicity shine upon it. I have done so two or three times myself. I publish the abusive comment together with the email address of the author and any other particulars about the author that I can find.

This tends to cause great heartburn in the person "outed" but all mail, including email, is legally the property of the recipient so I am fully within my rights to do that and I hope that the hater concerned will take a good hard look at himself when I "out" him in that way.

In the case of the Geico guy, the Freedomworks CEO got fed up too and went on Andrew Breitbart's and "outed" the hater. Geico didn't like the resultant publicity and decided not to use Mr. Hate (D.C. Douglas) in any more of their campaigns

The Left went ballistic over this "firing" however and, as a result, FreedomWorks received more charming communications from Leftists. You can see and hear them here. The Left just boils over with hate. Warning: VERY foul language. These guys are seriously deranged. Judge for yourself.

You can clearly see where a certain Nationalsozialist (National Socialist) got his death-squads from

Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.). For a daily critique of Leftist activities, see DISSECTING LEFTISM. To keep up with attacks on free speech see TONGUE-TIED. Also, don't forget your daily roundup of pro-environment but anti-Greenie news and commentary at GREENIE WATCH . Email me here

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