So much for those gun & knife control laws - A SERIOUS alleged knife attack at one of Queensland's busiest train stations during the peak afternoon commuter period was kept quiet by authorities. The Courier-Mail has learnt that an Indian man's throat was slashed while he waited on Platform 9 at Brisbane's Roma Street Station about 4.20pm on March 17. - TWO homes have been targeted in shooting incidents in Sydney's west on Good Friday night. Police say several shots were fired into a house in Bluegum Crescent, Prestons, at about 9.15pm (AEDT).
In the other incident, a single shot was fired into a home unit in Melanie Street, Bankstown, at about 10.45pm. - MULTIPLE shootings in a Chicago neighborhood Friday morning (local time) left at least two dead and 15 wounded. A man was shot and killed on South Michigan Avenue and another shooting, a few blocks away left another man dead, MyFox Chicago reports. Two additional men were shot, one in the leg and the other in the buttocks after an exchange of words. Four more people were shot outside a sports bar.

But fear not, nanny will help, just write a nice little letter to your local nanny representative and they'll draw up some fancy law/bill with lots of legal mumbo-jumbo giving nanny the right to keep an eye on you and to leave you with fewer rights than before. It's all for your own good, you see, nanny knows best.

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  1. What's a Nanny to do in a healthy society ? Nanny and her legions of minion functionaries, whose very reason for existence depends on societal sickness, become functionally irrelevant..

    Nanny needs "rrrrrrracschism", family breakdown, crime, kiddie fiddlin', gun based fear, mental health issues rife with the public, poor civic planning, population growth, multiculturalism to make it better, "hate" law pacifiers, huge prison populations, fractious societies to be cured by harmony days, mediocre education, Wiii base physical education, PushBike helmets, Kids knowing about two daddies and two Mummies, teaching youngsters about their "sexuality" as early as possible for preventative "cures", Stay at home Mum's brought to believe they're parasites because Nanny wants to "care" for them.

    It is a never ending stream of putrefaction controlled by Nanny and peristalted into the collective mind and veins of society.

    Nagging Nanny needs its ugly head shaved and to be sat on its Fat Dimply and cellulitic arse and told to STFU.


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