Oh Oh! Bush=Monkey hilarious. Obama=Monkey unforgiveable

How many more times are we going to see this double standard? The logic is often obscure where political correctness is concerned but, in the circumstances, one has to suspect that offence is taken in one case only because the resemblance is seen to be real in one case only.

"The [conservative] Queensland Liberal National Party (LNP) has condemned the action of a member allegedly responsible for calling Barack Obama a "monkey" on Twitter during the US president's interview on the ABC.

The tweets, from an account allegedly belonging to Nick Sowden, a medical student at the University of Queensland, began just after 7.30pm AEST last night, during ABC TV's 7.30 Report with Kerry O'Brien.

"I'm not sure why they paid kerry to fly to america (sic), if they wanted an interview with a monkey surely a ferry to Taronga would have sufficed," one tweet said, referring to Taronga Zoo on Sydney Harbour.

"If I wanted to see a monkey on TV I'd watch Wildlife Rescue," said another.

LNP state director Michael O'Dwyer said the party did not tolerate such comments and would be looking into the matter. "I'm disappointed when anybody from the LNP makes comments that put the party into disrepute and of such a personal nature," Mr O'Dwyer said.

[Leftist] Deputy Premier Paul Lucas said the LNP needed to act immediately. "I think that sort of language is totally, totally unacceptable, to be saying that about people - whether they're the president of the United States or whether they're anybody else," Mr Lucas said. [I can't seem to find find any record of Mr. Lucas saying that the constant comparisions between President Bush and chimpanzees were "totally, totally unacceptable"]


The kid was later expelled from the party over it.

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  1. Anyone (especially someone considering a career in conservative politics) calling Obama a monkey is an idiot. I mean, he's black, hmm? And blacks are sensitive about monkey comparisons for some reason.

  2. The hypocrisy is stunning isn't it. But that's the left for you.

  3. This post might be ironic if it were not from a man who thinks that black people are of lower intelligence than white people.

  4. The way their continent is going, doesn't seem very smart.


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