So much for those better health outcomes

Daily Mail - Healthcare in England is so poor that women live longer in the former Communist state of Slovenia. A shocking report yesterday showed that female life expectancy here is also lower than in almost all Western European countries. A woman born in England can expect to live to 81 years and 11 months, but her Slovenian counterpart will have an extra two months of life - even though the former Yugoslav republic spends far less on healthcare. Over the past year we have slipped from 14th to 16th among EU countries, overtaken by both Slovenia and Malta.

At the top is France, where women can expect to reach 85. Experts said the difference can be put down to NHS failures to spot cancer and heart disease early enough - as well as the fact that the British diet is worse than in other countries. ...Teenage pregnancy rates are the highest in western Europe - and obesity levels are the worst in the whole continent. Infant mortality in England is also higher than the EU average, with 4.8 babies dying out of 1,000.

The National Health Service (NHS) is the biggest employer in Britain, back in 2004, 1 in 23 of the working population was working for the NHS. Amazing isn't it, so many bureaucrats and health workers, so many departments, so many parasites diligently sucking away, but all useless. I guess that's the hope and change the rest of us can expect, not that enough of us have the wits to learn from their mistakes.


  1. All Western countries have very similar life expectancy rates. Once you get on top of infant mortality and eliminate other leftist constructs such as civil war, famine, and communism, you will find people will generally live to around 80. Having universal health care is not likely to affect this figure one way or the other. It will affect how many of those 80 years are spent working for the taxes to pay for it, though.

  2. It's true what you say, though the life expectancy greatly reduces when you get sick under socialized health than if you were in a country without socialized care. Something the left diligently refuse to mention.

  3. Dude, France has socialized health care.


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