Leftist bigotry and hypocrisy

Daily Mail - The Government has been plunged into a major diplomatic storm after Foreign Office officials circulated an offensive memo mocking the Pope's forthcoming visit to Britain. In the document, staff who were asked to propose ideas for the 'ideal' visit suggested Benedict XVI could launch a new range of 'Benedict' condoms or back a Miss Developing World beauty contest. Sources in Rome said the document also proposed that the Pope might sing a duet with the Queen to raise money for charity.

The pair are due to meet during the Pontiff's visit in September. The memo, which has dismayed Church leaders in Britain, is also understood to suggest that the leader of the world's one billion Roman Catholics could apologise for the Spanish Armada, reverse his ban on women priests and visit an old people's home. ...He added that an unnamed civil servant involved had been severely reprimanded and transferred to other duties.
Remember all the caterwauling over the white pride emails, the trooper in question was suspended and forced to apologize and attend diversity training. And that wasn't even racist! So how come the assholes, involved in this insult to all Catholics, were not punished in a similar fashion, why weren't they suspended, forced to apologize and made to attend diversity and anti-liberal fascism training. They obviously have a hatred of Catholicism in particular and probably all Christians too, sounds like a hate crime to me.

I think they should be forced to attend one of those lefty re-education diversity training camps, forced to apologize and then be suspended without pay for at least a month. There should be no place for such vile bigotry in public office, the mere fact that this even took place is proof enough for me that the labour government in Britain is plainly unfit to lead the country. They often prattle on about their diversity and inclusion, but clearly that's always been nothing more than a farce and will so remain given the soft-spined way they're handling this outrage.


  1. They wouldn't be leftists if they weren't bigots and hypocrites, MK. Calling a leftist a hypocrite is like calling a dog a mutt for barking.

    It's all part of the Alinsky plan to occupy resources while they white ant society. Point out the weakness in leftist arguments - that will keep you busy enough - but just accept leftist hypocrisy as one of their tools in trade.

  2. It's funny how Christianity is fair game for this type of thing, but Islam? That's another matter.

  3. Thanks folks.

    Just to confirm, the asswipe who had all his buddies hold his balls so he could muster the courage to pick on the Pope is a leftist asswipe -



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