"Progressive" Logic Problem

...you didn't know that was in the FedGov's "nationalization" of health care?

....hhmmmm, now what might that lead to?

One of the FIRST things Hitler's "National SOCIALIST" Party did in 1930's Germany
, after taking over some key industries, was to take over that nation's health care system.
Historical fact.

Any questions?

(thanks for the deMotivational posters from retrochcop....only the best.)

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  1. I really don't think that obumboy has the balls to try and take over the world or fire up the gas chambers, he's not an old school leftist, he's the more wimpy, metro kind.

    Don't get me wrong, he wouldn't give a flying @#$& about the Jews, he'll just make sure nothing much can get in the way of anyone else who wants to wipe them off the planet for example.

    Another way is he'll do as much as he can to reduce America's power to intervene in any other conflict, like bending over and taking it on the nuclear issue.

    Finally i'd like to take this opportunity to return a saying coined by the left, buck ofama.


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