Timing is everything

The Australian - ONE of the nation's eminent medical experts has turned against the Rudd government's health reforms, declaring they will make little difference to how hospitals are run.

David Penington, a senior fellow at Melbourne's Grattan Institute who initially backed the deal Kevin Rudd struck with the states, said yesterday he was "appalled at the lack of any agreement on governance that differs from the status quo", and had little faith any real change would be forthcoming from the reforms.

He also deplored the fact there was no commitment to the key issue of "a vastly better interface" between the hospital sector and primary care, or aged care and mental health - "all issues of critical importance for the longer term".

Oh well, isn't this just wonderful, you there - stop the presses, you there - pull out the barbie, you there - get the steaks and champagne. The medical expert has figured it out, time for a big party, yeehaw!

Alright, I'm not upset that he's turned around now, what's pissing me off is that he's only figured it out after the event, after the deal has been struck, after rudd has signed away billions of dollars that we all have to pay, after it doesn't make any difference.

This seems to be common theme among the country's intelligentsia, they're all initially positive when rudd releases some tripe masquerading as policy and then change their minds later when everything turns to shit. I just don't get it, how many more things does this buffoon have to fuck up before people are instinctively skeptical of him.

It's all well and wonderful to figure out your ass from your elbow, but it's of little use to anyone if it's after the event. For fucksakes people, don't tell me you all are going swallow rudd's bullshit all the way up to the election and say, oh well, this sounds wonderful and we'd like to support it for now and think again once we see the implementation.

By then it'll be too late folks and of little use to anyone.

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