When you have no right to bear arms

You know how dumb gun-hating liberals always point to school shootings as the result of the second amendment right to bear arms. According to stupid liberals if the law-abiding were disarmed, then peace would descend upon the land. I still remember the hysterical caterwauling when a school in Texas decided to allow its teachers to carry guns at school.

The gun-haters were hysterical, promising genocide and rivers of blood if the school was allowed to do such a thing, to date nothing has happened at the school. The teachers didn't instantly turn into mass-killers when they touched their loaded firearms, the guns didn't jump out of their holsters and start firing off bullets at scurrying children, much to liberal gun-haters dismay.

But you know what does happen when you ban guns across the land and/or do something incredibly stupid like institute a gun ban at certain premises, places like schools become a magnet for the evil bastards out there looking for a soft, weak target.
Fox News - A man wielding a knife broke into a primary school in southern China and stabbed 18 students and a teacher Wednesday, the same day another school attacker was executed for killing eight children last month, state media reported. ...It was the second such attack in Leizhou in recent years. In February 2008, two students at the Leizhou No. 2 Middle School were stabbed to death by a former classmate who broke in, attacked a boy and a girl, then stabbed himself and jumped from the fifth floor of the building.

...China has witnessed a series of school attacks in recent years, most blamed on people with personal grudges or suffering from mental illness, leading to calls for improved security. Two weeks ago a mentally ill man hacked to death a second grader and an elderly woman with a meat cleaver in southern Guangxi, and injured five other people.
When you ban guns and weapons that is a signal to the criminals that their victims are most definitely not armed and cannot fight back. Everywhere guns have been banned, either the criminals or the state gets to run amok and do what they feel like. If you're not more likely to get the shit kicked out of you by thugs in an Australia as so many have found out the hard way, you'll be living under the yoke of a totalitarian police-state like China. Otherwise you'll be getting shot and bombed like in Mumbai, India; sometimes it's all of the above, like in Russia.

Don't bother explaining any of these to liberal gun-haters though, if they don't quote dishonest or worthless stats at you, then they'll just smear you as a wannabe mass-killer in waiting. They were never interested in your well being or your freedom, they just wanted to put you under a yoke of some sort.


  1. " ... the same day another school attacker was executed for killing eight children last month, ... "

    Last month?

    I support capital punishment, in the appropriate circumstances, but I gather China has a less than robust appeals system in place. In the US, they'd probably get round to executing him in about 2025.

  2. Yeah, they certainly don't stuff around over there. If they weren't a totalitarian commie police state, i'd admire them for dispensing with criminal scum so quickly.

  3. Lisa in AustraliaMay 8, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    um a handful of people have been beaten up by thugs in Australia, the same as there are groups of thugs in the US, it's just such a common occurence there that the news no longer bothers to report it. the crime rate in the US is far far higher.. in Australia we never REPEAT never have had a toddler accidently killed in a drive by shooting. The media has reported on bashings here, because they are rare - a bashing outside a nightclub happens here and it makes the national news. That sort of thing happens all the time in the US... how do your guns help. I don't care either way about guns, but don't hold Australia up as an example, I'd rather raise my kids in Oz than the US anyday

  4. "That sort of thing happens all the time in the US..."

    Got any stats to prove that, and you'll need to show the stats of states that allow concealed carry to compare to Australia, otherwise don't bother posting them?

    "how do your guns help."

    In certain states in America, you can choose to defend yourself with a weapon, in Australia you can't.

    "...but don't hold Australia up as an example..."

    Then don't, the post was actually about an incident in China, if you cared to read it that is.

    "I'd rather raise my kids in Oz than the US anyday"

    Good for you, i'm sure you're very happy here.


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