Western Man and Liberalism

Liberals (in the American sense) know that they are worms and hate others because of it. They reject standards and ideals because then they will have no standards and ideals to live up to

Over the years, political scientists and sociologists have attempted to figure out what causes a person to adhere to liberal beliefs. James Burnham, a communist theoretician who eventually became a right-winger, argued that “liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide” and observed that “once this initial and final sentence is understood, everything about liberalism—the beliefs, emotions and values associated with it, the nature of its enchantment, its practical record, its future—falls into place.”

Dr. Michael Savage has suggested that liberalism is a mental disorder, whereas others have opined that liberalism is nothing more than a secular religious movement that naturally occurs at the twilight of the life of a civilization.

I believe all these descriptions are accurate of liberalism, but there is a reason why a person is a liberal: they are pathetic and are unable to come to terms with their pathetic nature other than to join a political movement that includes other pathetic individuals in order to shove their pathetic ideals down the throats of normal people. When one looks at the tenets of liberalism—craving egalitarianism, adherence to moral relativism, acceptance of perversion, promotion of wealth redistribution, opposition to the natural law right of self defense, and hatred of nationalism—one can only conclude that this assessment is correct.

When discussing gun rights, liberals—who have a peculiar phobia of weapons—ridiculously think that guns are the cause of problems in society and that they should be banned. Liberals love the weapon bans that have existed in places such as Washington, D.C. and Chicago, and even though women are raped and older people are robbed because they cannot defend themselves from thugs, liberals applaud their sick and twisted accomplishment of depriving people of their natural law right to defend themselves from harm.

The idea of a person shooting dead their aggressor sickens the liberal; the liberal would much rather have a normal person be made a victim than to permit a guttersnipe from being killed. The liberal love for villains and hatred for law-abiding citizens is irrational and can only be explained as an attempt by liberals to force their cowardice upon the rest of the population.

The promotion by liberals of moral relativism—a rejection of truth and order in the Cosmos—is used to justify their pathetic, deviant behavior. There is not a pervert that walks on two legs that liberals do not adore, just as there is no degenerate activity liberals will condemn. Homosexuals without clothing marching down the street in a “gay pride” parade? “Go for it!” they say. A doctor performing a partial-birth abortion in which the baby is butchered before it comes out? “Sounds good to me!” the liberal says.

Hard drugs? “Definitely!” they proclaim. Make prostitution legal? “Most certainly!” the liberals rejoice. Normal people are revolted—as they should be—by the behavior and beliefs of liberals, whereas liberals embrace the pathetic behavior of others because it is central to their identity: pathetic, worthless beings.

The promotion of egalitarianism—the belief that people are inherently “equal”—and wealth redistribution are the biggest frauds liberals promote, for people are not equal: some are smart, some are stupid, some are strong, some are weak, and so on.

Whereas normal people believe in freedom and think that one should reap what one sows in life, liberals believe that the weak, poor, lazy, and stupid are entitled to a higher standard of living than they have earned through their labor. Liberals believe those who are inferior deserve better, because liberals can relate to the pathetic existence of these people.

Liberals believe that people are too stupid to control their own finances and plan for the long-term, so liberals have created various socialistic scams in which wealth is redistributed from the hard-working individuals to the parasites of society. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Nancy Pelosi’s socialistic health care plan, and food stamps are but a few examples of wealth redistribution in our country.

If a person chooses not to work, then they should be permitted to starve. Why should we feed the mouths of people who have no more intrinsic value to society than tapeworms have to cattle?

Political correctness, which is central to the liberal worldview, is a psychological tool used by liberals to defend backwardness, and it is time normal people call them out for it.

A liberal would consider it “racist” to point out that the Dinka people in Sudan are subhuman for performing oral sex on cows to make them lactate and taking showers in their urine to turn their hair orange (See here), just as they would say that it is “xenophobic” to suggest that Muslims are degenerate for their tendency to marry their first cousins and for worshipping a man-deity who married a six-year-old girl named Aisha.

Liberals believe that no pathetic culture is fair game to disparage, because to do so would make their very own existence a target for criticism.

Liberals are pathetic to the core, and since the West embodies all that which is an affront to their pathetic existence, they hate it. While liberals embrace cowardice and degeneracy, the Men of the West have traditionally opposed it.

Throughout Western history, hordes of foreign invaders have been repelled, tyrants have been overthrown, and Western Man loved freedom and enjoyed the fruits of his labor. In literature and folklore, the Western Hero is epitomized by a sword in his hand and a shield on his arm as he charges forward for victory. There is no room in Western culture for pathetic liberal trolls, and the liberals know it.

A study was recently conducted at Tufts University in which test subjects viewed pictures of College Republicans and College Democrats with whom they were not acquainted, and sixty percent of the time—which is a number too high for mere chance—the test subjects were able to accurately label the models as conservative or liberal.

The researcher then had other test subjects rate the models for qualities of power or warmth, and when the results were corroborated, the people who were viewed as not liberal were viewed as looking “powerful.” We all knew liberals acted like sissies; now we know they look the part, too. (See here)

Personally, I think that it is a miracle that liberalism even took root in Western countries, because historically, Western cultures killed off the offspring of their people who were deemed pathetic. Do you think for one moment that the Spartans permitted pathetic people to exist in their society? The Norse? The Germanic tribes? Where the white liberals come from, I have no idea—there is no evolutionary basis for it whatsoever.

Liberals have outright declared war on our people, our heritage, our culture, and everything that is good in the Cosmos, and it is long past due for normal people to fight back. While I was a student at Michigan State University, I confronted liberalism at every opportunity that presented itself through organized debates, panel discussions, and the hosting of conservative speakers, and as the pathetic liberals rallied for diversity, multiculturalism, degeneracy, or socialism, I could be found in close proximity to them with a megaphone—which the campus police often threatened to take from me—and a placard in my hands that read “Smash Left-Wing Scum!”

If we want to save our civilization, we must fight their ideology, we must combat their counter-cultural crusade, and we must expose them for who they are: pathetic worms who have no place in Western civilization.


Posted by John Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.). For a daily critique of Leftist activities, see DISSECTING LEFTISM. To keep up with attacks on free speech see TONGUE-TIED. Also, don't forget your daily roundup of pro-environment but anti-Greenie news and commentary at GREENIE WATCH . Email me here


  1. European derived communities have been purposely made to feel ashamed of the fact that they actually exist at all.

    We actively seek out our own multicultural adulteration to conclusively prove to others that we are not "racist"..

    When Europeans no longer exist as a people anymore, the inevitable result of ceaselessy and humbly beseeching the approvals of those self eneamoured weasels who feel entitled to grant them, others will no longer be able to accuse us of "racism"...
    In a sense we should be ashamed of the fact that we have dropped the baton, tug the forelock and allow ourselves to be shafted each and every time we attempt to pick it up.

    Absolutely pathetic....

  2. I'm certainly intrigued about your opinion, but I'm a little confused as to your exact stance. Are you against liberalism as a principle or just the people who 'uphold' the ideals of liberalism? See, while you do specifically mention 'fighting their ideology', I'm not entirely convinced that you disagree with the fundamental basis of liberal philosophy, which is, of course, where the political party drew its name and ideals from.

    I'm a lowly undergrad student, but it seems to me that there's a fair dichotomy these days between liberalism in practise (particularly in political and legal practise) and the ideology that emphasises the importance of equality and liberty among individuals. So, do you disagree that equality and liberty are fundamentally the most important aspects of a political/social agenda, or do you object to the way many people have interpreted and applied the concept of liberalism to modern issues? Or perhaps it's a combination of the two?

    See, it seems to me that liberals as you describe them seem to have lost their own sense of freedom; they are so concerned with being seen as "left-wing" or 'politically correct' that they soon find themselves trapped within their own standards. I personally would interpret the ideals of liberalism to mean that every individual should have equal opportunity, but not necessarily equal divisions of wealth, or status. For example, to me, the concept of liberalism states "everyone should be able to seek work, to work hard and to be rewarded for the work that they do," which does not de facto mean "everyone should earn the same amount regardless of what they do to earn it," which I think is the concept you are attacking.

    Please correct me if I have misinterpreted your post- it's just I'm doing a subject in my law studies which requires me to critique liberalism and you seem to have a certain passion towards the subject, so naturally I'm curious. Cheers.


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