DIY clanging and banging

As some of you would know, I've moved into a new place and since this we've been angling for some new furniture. Given the budget will only stretch so far, we've got some stuff from that Swedish outfit Ikea.

I've never bought any furniture from there, so it was sort of an experience finding the items, dragging it all down to the trolley and picking it up, then paying to get it delivered. Not hard at all, it was just an experience I think.

We got it all delivered yesterday, it's all flat-packed and space-efficient but deceptively heavy. They might look small, but I was struggling to move the stuff around.

The above piece was what I put together after much clanging, banging and cursing. The cursing was from the hammering of the nails. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, at least one thumb takes the place of the nail you're trying to hammer in.

I'm most happy to report, the piece I assembled last night looks exactly like in the picture. There were times when I wasn't sure if I had screwed together all the right panels and all that but I managed it first time around.

Yes really, all the drawers open from the front, one doesn't open from the back and I didn't even need to undo anything and rearrange it. It looks pretty good too, doesn't look too cheap either.

Next on the list is the bed and just from looking at the size of it, the number of components and the amount of space I'll need, I think it's safe to say, there will be a lot more clanging, banging and definitely a lot more cursing for this one.

Maybe I'll just do it over a few days, take my time with it.


  1. Nails? MK, if you were hammering nails into Ikea furniture then you're doing something wrong.

    The thing I hate most... well, one of the things I hate most about Ikea is putting the damn thing together and then discovering an extra piece that somehow got missed.

    My wife loves shopping in Ikea but I can't stand it. I say to her that returning defective goods to Ikea counts as a separate trip to Ikea. We recently bought some mats with non-slip rubber backing. The rubber smells like piss, even after washing. Looks like I'm in for another Ikea visit...

  2. Oh no, this particular piece had nails, 27 of them, i was supposed to nail the back to it. i didn't use all 27 though, it seems secure enough.

    So far i haven't come across the extra piece, here's to hoping i don't. I'd hate for that to happen at the very end, then the hammer will come out again. :)

  3. Yet another instance where a classic Popular Mechanics cartoon springs to mind.

    Picture Dad and son in the classic American '50s basement workshop. Lawnmower on the bench; small, unidentified widgets lying around it.

    Dad saying to son:" No problem, son; a thrifty tradesman always has parts left over".


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