You feelin’ lucky?

SMH - A repeat sex offender whose jail term expired in July has won his challenge to an order that he stay behind bars for a further eight months. In allowing the release of Raymond Barry Cornwall, the NSW Court of Appeal today instead imposed a conditional five year supervision order. His 14-year term for sex attacks on young women and adolescent girls, the youngest aged 13, expired in July. He had approached unknown victims with a knife, exerted physical force and threatened them in order to coerce them to undress and perform various sexual acts.

Justices Keith Mason, Roger Giles, and David Hodgson said Cornwall had undergone sex offender courses in jail. They also noted the consensus among the experts was that adequate protection could be provided by an extended supervision order. In making such an order, they set a string of strict conditions including that he wear an electronic monitoring device if and as directed by a probation and parole officer. Cornwall must inform authorities of his proposed daily movements on a weekly basis and be at his address between 9pm and 6am, unless his presence at another place during those hours has been approved.

If he rapes again after waiting 5 years, you won't see any of the experts and other such folks stepping forward to share blame. You think he hasn't learnt from his mistakes, the ones that got him caught in the first place, you better pray he has changed his ways. Either way he'll be out there amongst you lot and I guess you better pray that you'll be alright cos, you know the saying, the leftists in charge would rather you were raped than see you with a gun to protect yourself, because it's for your own good!! Trust the law, sure they'll lock him away if he does it again, which is all well and good, they might even lock him away for good, but here's the sobering reality, at least one of you first has to get raped and/or killed before they can do that!!

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