Put yourself in her position

News.com.au - A MAN who broke into a woman's house, tied her up and raped her had unscrewed the door handle of her bedroom to stop her escaping, a court was told today. Andrew Bowen, 20, of Greensborough, pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court today to three counts of rape and one each of stalking, unlawful imprisonment and theft. Prosecutor Daryl Brown said Bowen broke into the 21-year-old woman's home in the Melbourne suburb of Eltham North early on March 17. Wearing a balaclava, dark clothing and rubber gloves, he woke the victim, tied her up and raped her.

If that woman had any idea that someone was stalking her or that her life and liberty were in danger before this scumbag got to her, our laws do not allow her to carry a gun to protect herself. Ask yourself, how would you feel, knowing that you first need to get raped or shot or stabbed or beaten for this scumbag to serve a few years in jail. If you fear for your life, but you don't know when or where or who, you're dreaming if you think the cops are going to escort you around 24/7 until you feel safe.

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