Social justice in Palestine - Bill's on the way

SMH - An inquiry into the office of the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) may be widened to review plea bargaining. The NSW Police Association is concerned the practice favours criminals over victims. Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell said there were some concerns crown prosecutors have been forced into some plea bargains because they don't have the same resources to take important cases to trial because of budget cutbacks.

So justice in NSW has a price folks, because of budget constraints the criminals are getting off easier and serving lighter sentences. So the message to the victims of crime is, just get over it folks, the leftists running the joint aren't too keen on justice for you lot. Speaking of budget cuts and spending, I hear the glorious new government will be cutting spending in the near future, so I'd cherish that tax-cut that's hopefully still coming next year if I were you.

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