It's Raining Cats And Cliches

By AR - Kevin07 frontman Kevin Rudd has gone into cliche overdrive. Given the world stage of the Bali Climate Festival, he has been a Vesuvius of trite homilies as if determined to bury us under a magma-flow of meaningless idioms delivered in monotone. But of course, this is what we all voted for, so love it!
Described by reporters as 'hard-hitting' and 'keeping up the pressure' this is what Kevin Rudd had to offer for today's session at the conference on the idyllic holiday island of Bali: 'I have made no bones about it in the past that I believe the United States needs to accept its share of the global burden on climate change.'
Careful - the US will be recalling their ambassador if that talk keeps up.
'These are complex and difficult negotiations and my instruction to our negotiating team has been to burn the midnight oil, roll the sleeves up and to spare no efforts in making sure we negotiate an effective mandate for the future,'
Forget it, Kevin. Apart from all the jet fuel flying half our government over there, the only other thing you burnt was the guy from Midnight Oil.
Rudd's mission-statement style is catching. The reporter actually wrote this: 'Mr Rudd has also told Australian climate change negotiators to pullout all stops to help ensure the summit secures an agreement. Delegates at the conference are still trying to thrash out an agreement as a group of countries including the US continues to oppose a global short-term target for developed nations to cut emissions. Mr Rudd says there needs to be a clear cut time line for negotiating a climate change deal for the post-Kyoto period.'

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