and we would follow.

"Please note that the EU involves the free movement of people across borders. If the EU is expanded to include Muslim nations, Muslims from the entire Greater Middle East would be entirely free to move into and settle in France, Britain, Germany, Italy etc. This would mean the end of European civilization as we know it, and is now actively supported by senior European leaders behind the back of their own peoples. This constitutes nothing less than the greatest betrayal in the history of Western civilization..."
Fjordman, writing at Gates of Vienna
make no mistake, if Europe falls in this fashion the Anglosphere will surely follow. Our American friends console themselves with the thought that every American is an armed citizen who will fight for freedom, but freedom can be sucked out of a society by bureaucratic fiat, by a corrupt media and education system and -most importantly-by a political class that is no longer answerable to the people in any meaningful way.
Which leaves no clearly identifiable "them" to take up arms against. This fight will have to be won in the minds of Westerners, not in the trenches.
The battlefield is the media and we need to develop ways to get a real presence there, not merely the tiny scraps thrown to us by Big Media.
Any ideas?

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