It's all about our 'rights'

Daily Mail - When she spotted yobs vandalising a war memorial garden, Julie Lake sprang into action. As the daughter of a Second World War RAF pilot – and granddaughter of one of the fallen in the 1914-18 war – she felt it was her duty to intervene. But, after giving the main culprit a talking- to and a 'cuff round the ear', she finds herself facing the prospect of being arrested for assault. Gangs of teenagers wearing hooded tops have carried out a series of attacks on the pretty memorial garden with its sombre stone cross. They have daubed offensive graffiti on the stone, ridden their bikes over wreaths and carved their names into wooden benches. Mrs Lake will voluntarily attend a police station next month to be formally arrested.

Apparently the youth that got the "cuff" called the police and reported that she had assaulted him. In this western PC world, technically that is assault and she will be charged and don't think it'll only happen in Britain. I assure you, the PC Scumbags will do the same to you if you intervene the way she did. You see in today's world, it's all about your rights, everyone has all these bloody rights but no one seems to have any responsibilities. This lady tried numerous times to get the police involved and stop these disrespectful curs but they won't bother because they don't care or they know that some gasbag judge will probably slap them on the wrist and that'll be that. If you want justice, you'll have to follow that punk home and when it's nice and dark, send a brick through his window and hope he learns his lesson from that. It's either that or go to jail for doing the right thing or just suck it up and look the other way.

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