Jail this woman - follow up

Andrew Bolt has done some digging and boy what a pool of leftist moral rot he has unearthed - Another week, another proof that that the “stolen generations” myth is devastating black children:
A senior departmental official yesterday told The Australian that the child involved was sexually abused at age seven and, as a safety measure, was put with various foster families, eventually ending up in 2005 with a non-indigenous family in Cairns. But she was returned nine months later to Aurukun, where she was gang-raped by the nine males.

“These non-indigenous people were fantastic - ensuring she went to school, and the father actually took a year off his work to personally supervise this girl,” he said. “But two new social workers were appointed to the north and they expressed the view, which was repeated many times to the investigating committee, that putting an indigenous child with white foster parents was another stolen generation...”
This is the girl who was pack raped at 10, with a judge letting her nine rapists - one a 26-year-old - walk free because the girl, she said, had consented.
As I’ve shown again and again, the propagandists behind the “stolen generations” myth have blood on their hands.
Oh, just so that you know what this girl’s wicked white foster carers had saved her from:
The committee also found the child had first contracted syphilis in April 2002 when she was aged seven and was raped by five juveniles in Aurukun, receiving severe genital injuries.
MK - How many more times will she have to be raped before the morally bankrupt left amongst us will find their moral compass, are they so devoid of knowing right and wrong that we have to now set up schools to teach them right, wrong, decency and a sense of caring? If that judge or the leftists barracking for her and supportive of the system that allows this to go on have children of their own, are they so intellectually & emotionally stunted that their own children need to suffer the same pain for them to finally get it.

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