A Message Of Hope Peace And Salvation

By AR - ....or most probably, not. The bucktoothed cleric, Abu Bakir Bashir has visited the murderous Bali bombers in prison ostensibly to lift their spirits before they face the firing squad.

The kindly old gent warns of "a big disaster" if the executions go ahead.

But it's all good. Before they are despatched to the hereafter, I really can't think of anyone more fitting to be the last person to offer twisted words of comfort to the grinning, murdering, bastards than Bashir.

- What I saw on the evening news was just sickening, those sons of pigs were partying and celebrating with their families and children. I'll believe they've been shot dead when I see the bodies, until then I won't believe those Islamic savages have nothing but contempt for us.

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