Socialist government and other lefty idiots at work

Aurora over at The Midnight Sun has some interesting background on the difference in the way two Israelis were dealt with for forging a passport compared to several Arabs who had what amounts to a full-blown production line going in forged documents. It makes for fascinating (and infuriating) reading.
An excerpt:
"In 2004, two Israelis Uriel Zoshe Kelman and Eli Cara were arrested for manufacturing a single passport. There was a huge outcry with Helen Clark’s voice rising shrill and strident over the rabble. In the ensuing scandal, the New Zealand ambassador to Israel was recalled..."
"Consider a parallel incident which occurred on September 28, the day the two Israelis were deported. This was the very day the trial opened in Auckland of Fahad Jaber Ajeil and Riyad Hamied Sultan, a Kuwaiti and an Iraqi accused, in the words of the crown prosecutor, of forging passports and other travel documents on “a scale never before seen in this country.” Police found a passport-manufacturing process with false documents from seventeen countries and twelve fake passports in various states of readiness. Yet, this incident – which could well be connected to Al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups – has aroused precious little ire from the Clark government, much less from the prime minister herself, who seems to find this business as usual. (September 29, 2004)

Now here we are in December, 2008 and it seems that the Arabs who committed large scale fraud ‘on a scale never before seen in this country’ have appealed the court’s decision to have them deported as well and have won the right to stay on in New Zealand. Why? Because they’re having emotional problems."
I'm spitting mad about this--it seems to me that there's an army of liberal idiots queueing up to make excuses for every fucking criminal lowlife, unlimited taxpayer's funds for lawyers and gullible (at best) judges willing to deny reality, all in the name of some "humanitarian" dreamworld.
Unless, of course, you just happen to be a law-abiding white person of European extraction. Or Jewish. In that case, you'd be on your own.

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