The Darling of the Australian Left - The nation's most famous [TRAITOR] prison inmate has told his father Terry Hicks a trip to Centrelink to sign on for the "Newstart" allowance is at the top of his to-do list when he tastes freedom for the first time in six years. Although Terry Hicks remains confident of his son's mental state, questions remain over whether he will be fit to work any time soon. Recent reports suggest Hicks suffers panic attacks and lacks self confidence and social skills [BOO-HOO]. According to Centrelink's website, the 32-year-old is eligible to receive $465 a fortnight while he looks for work. Terry Hicks said his son had no income and no savings since leaving Australia to fight [FOR THE ENEMY] in Afghanistan.

MK - I added the bits in capitals. His old man defended his right to bludge off us, something about being an Australian citizen, well I guess this is one instance where leftists will put aside their clamoring for "global citizens" and just settle for mean, old, xenophobic Australian citizenship. Is it any wonder that the darling of the Australian left is a dole bludging terrorist traitor, I mean, would the left have their heroes any other way? Ain't western civilization great, go off to fight for the enemy, against your own country men and when you're caught, we'll coddle you for years, such that you're fatter when you came out than when you went in. When we finally release you from you weak-ass punishment, we'll then give you money for food and clothing, we'll even try to find you a job. Anywhere else and he'd be rightly shot and his carcass thrown to the vultures.

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