Leftists - what have you done?

Back when the Howard dictatorship was ruling this country, with regular executions of leftist windbags, we were told everything that was wrong in the states was due to the lack of funding from the Feds. From the public health fiasco to the potholes in your driveway, it was all John Howard and all that was needed was more funding.
News.com.au - MINISTERS have been told to forget any notion of additional funding requests as the Rudd Government returns to work today, determined to deliver on its election promises. Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner has delivered the directive to all ministers in a sign that Kevin Rudd aims to put his credentials as an economic conservative beyond doubt.
Now that the glorious new leader has taken the reins and has his mandate for the glorious revolutions, I was under the impression that there would finally be "social justice" in Australia. I'm sure leftists were also hoping for this, sorry losers, looks like all your merry schemes just went up in flames.
In a letter to his colleagues, Mr Tanner says the ministers should focus their submissions for the May budget on the implementation of election commitments, advising them that they need to have good reason as to why any other spending proposals should be considered. And those who do make submissions will have to identify matching savings or face a tough time before the budget razor gang, the expenditure review committee.
Another thing, back during the election campaign, the Howard government told us that we've never been better off, judging by the billions spent by us over the Christmas period, it's hard to argue with that. Well, it looks like even the leftists never had it so good.
A senior minister told The Australian the cuts would be deep and would target inefficient programs that were allowed to continue, without review, under the Howard government.
Good grief leftists, what have you done, he's worse than Howard!!

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