Rapist escapes while on parole for 30 minutes

Hat tip AR - Just yesterday I posted about this piece of filth being given parole and you lot being hung out on your own. The attitude of the judiciary was, fend for yourself suckers, sorry you can't have a gun to defend yourself if this scumbag decides to turn. One or a few of you will just have to sacrifice your liberty and your body if you want justice. The judges and the experts were happy to release this fellow, oh no worries suckers, our research shows he's changed his ways, only yesterday he was picking flowers and singing Christmas carols, see we leftist sons of bitches do yearn for the Christmas spirit when we can use it to coddle our criminal allies.
SMH - A child sex offender is on the run after breaching the terms of his parole within half an hour of his release. Raymond Barry Cornwall had served 14 years for four sexual assaults against women aged between 13 and 23, while armed with a knife. Cornwall was released at 5.50pm yesterday , but by 6.20pm he had gone. Police were immediately informed and supplied with a photograph of the offender.
Oh yeah, calm down suckers, we have it all under control, don't pay any attention to those gun-freaks, they're just stark raving mad with their self-defense, liberty, property and all that nonsense, what do those old-fashioned fools know. Listen to us while we lecture you from the ivory tower, we know whats best for you, we have experts, experts with academic experience and complex theories. Can't explain any of them to you lot though, you're too effing stupid, just shut up and fall into line like good little sheeple. Just one thing though, one of you might just have to be sacrificed to the wolf, it'll be a real shame, but you understand don't you, can't make that utopian omelet without breaking a few eggs can you. If you still want to whine, then pen a letter to the local paper, they might give a pig's bum.

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