Another Me-too from New Leadership, Fresh Ideas

Back when this was all over the news, the leftists were squealing like stuck pigs about this case, it was as if the police were breaking the fellows legs and once healed just breaking them again, all whilst pulling his finger nails out and rearranging his face with a sledgehammer. The leftwing media were fawning over the fellow, interviews and money about his 1000-year persecution at the hands of the merciless Howard Junta.
LiveNews - Mohamed Haneef's lawyer says he is unsure why the new Labor Government is considering a High Court challenge to stop the Indian doctor returning to Australia. New Immigration Minister Chris Evans is flagging a High Court appeal after the Federal Court today again ruled Dr Haneef should have his visa returned. Mr Russo says it's unclear why Labor appears to be copying the Howard Government.
We couldn't get enough of the fellow, now that the leftwing gasbags are in power, I was expecting welcoming parades and chartered flights to bring Haneef and his entire family to Australia so that we could all do penance by putting them up at tax payer expense at the Ritz. Gee, I wonder why none of this has happened, could it be that the Howard cabal was right, that new leadership got some fresh info on all this and decided to shelve some of his fresh ideas until the morons move to the next source of hysteria.

Update - Looks like the feds have caved in and now say he is free to return, yay, perhaps now the left will be pushing to sue, it's only taxpayers money after all and it's not like leftist parasites are making any contributions to that.

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