Leave Hicksie alone!!!

News.com.au - MEMBERS of the public and the media should leave confessed terrorism supporter David Hicks alone, Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland says. The attorney-general said in a statement that Hicks served six years and three months of a seven-year sentence, with the remaining nine months of his sentence being suspended. "Mr Hicks is now entitled to start rebuilding his life," Mr McClelland said. "I urge the media and members of the public to respect Mr Hick's privacy."

Like that internet drama queen whining at everyone to "leave Brittney alone", our Federal Attorney-General Robbo is whining at us, leave Hicksie alone, he has rights you know, you meanies, you all just suck, so what if he is a traitor and fought for the other side. Robbo thinks that Hicksie is like the victim of rumor and innuendo or something, that he's been unfairly treated, it's all just been a witch-hunt, Hicksie was just a young bloke looking for a bit of an adventure. So what if he abandoned his wife, children and his country, it's all about Hicksie's rights you know. So pass Robbo a tissue and leave Hicksie alone!!!

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