Real and Present. . .

Melanie Phillips provides some sobering views on the recent and extremely bizarre NIE findings (about face) on Iran and its nuclear weapons program:

The NIE’s assessment that Iran did not restart its nuclear programme after 2003 has now been dismissed with contumely by pretty well every single informed observer. The $64,000 question still remains, however, whether the NIE was simply a freelance piece of treachery by the US intelligence community or whether it was part of a strategic rethink from the President down in favour of appeasement and surrender, in line with the ‘new realism’ doctrine of Baker/Hamilton.
That we’re being betrayed, in one way or another, is shaping up as a given. I have no idea how this is going to pan out, but I can guess (and have done so before).

I wonder who they’ll blame when the balloon finally goes up.

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