A nation of morons?

News.com.au - In an ominous revelation ahead of tonight's New Year's Eve parties, almost half of young motorists admitted to driving under the influence of drugs. And a staggering 72 per cent of young people admitted to being passengers in a car while knowing the driver was drug-affected. The findings are revealed in a NSW Government-commissioned report which shows for the first time the cavalier attitude of some young motorists.

I don't know why everyone is suddenly shocked by all this, we have a culture of hitting the booze at every celebration, friday night, booze, saturday night, it's booze again. The cricket's on, booze again, the footy, booze, gee what a shock that the population is experimenting with drugs as well. Do we have harsh punishments for drug use, no, instead we have injecting rooms so that you can shoot up in safety, all funded by the tax payer, yay!! Naturally the shocked and horrified are turning to the state to do something!!

It reveals the urgent need for drug-driving education campaigns, with the research showing while the drink-driving message has got through, young people are ignoring warnings about drug-driving. Police Minister David Campbell said he was shocked by the survey's results and warned drug users that two new drug testing trucks would be rolled out next year. "This is moronic behaviour which puts lives at risk and that is why we are in the process of expanding random roadside drug testing," Mr Campbell said.

What the hell is wrong with us, for every ill, the state has to roll out some "education campaign", every one of us will have to be subjected to ads and flyers of the dangers of drugs, we'll all have to become aware of another bloody thing, what happened to common sense? Drug driving ads will join the ads for the dangers of drink driving, speeding, too much sun tanning, slip-slop-slap, violence against women, smoking, heart disease, water conservation, evils of plastic bags, bullying in schools, the internet, dial before you dig, eating vegetables, school zones and obesity. Apparently we're all too stupid to think for ourselves, I'm waiting for the flyer on how to breath, I know it's coming.

Naturally it'll be all of us coughing up to fund this new "education campaign" to nanny the morons, I'd be perfectly happy to fund a campaign of flogging those caught drink/drug driving, I assure you, catch a few of them and flog the skin off their backs, then make em' pay the medical bills, the crackheads will educate themselves very quickly. But I guess we don't have the stomach for all that. There'll be some UN human right of theirs that will be violated, no charter of responsibilities though, just rights. Besides the do-gooders won't have anything to do and our tax dollar will have less use, can't have any of that.

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