enough talk--what about some practical ideas?

""They're out there, and they're pressing as hard as they can, and if my assessment of freedom lovers' fortitude and perseverance is at all accurate, they're driving us backward. We're not cornered yet, but we mustn't delude ourselves; the point of no return is drawing near.

What have we been doing, other than carping to one another? I'll allow that, short of a second American Revolution, there isn't a lot we can do except to talk, write, lobby, and otherwise represent our own interests and point of view. But I'm beginning to think that the power structures of our nation have turned against us -- that they've tacitly leagued with the forces of darkness outside our borders. If that's the case, no amount of talk will hold back the night for long, much less cleanse our polity of the wounds it already bears. We'll either have to fight -- really, with real weapons, real, lasting terror, and real, copious bloodshed -- or accept bondage." (bold mine . kg)
From the post "Laughter And Tears" by Francis Porretto
Not just the power structures of America, is it? The ruling classes everywhere in the West appear to be selling their citizens down the river, increasing the restrictions on us even as they either cave in to or turn a blind eye to the islamists.
Sure, there are troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the war against islam needs to be fought by the people at home, resisting the demands of muslims and the steady erosion of our rights and liberties in the name of "security".
The video clip of an F16 dropping bombs on the Taliban may be satisfying, but it's ultimately bloody useless if we can't be bothered to fight for freedoms here at home.

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