"Racist" Reference to Visas?

We read:

"Australian cricket fans racially taunted Indian supporters at the MCG yesterday despite Cricket Australia's zero-tolerance policy. And police and security staff did not eject any fans despite the Australian supporters shouting "Show us your visas, show us your visas" at their Indian counterparts and being within metres of the potentially explosive incident.

Indian fans spoken to by the Herald Sun described the chant as "offensive, ugly and racist". One said the chant created "a potentially explosive situation". They were backed by Australian fans who said that those responsible should have been thrown out of the ground.

Up until the chant began, there had been good-natured banter between the two groups but the Indians' mood changed when the "visa" taunt started. More than 100 Indian supporters sat stony-faced and silent during the chant....

Insp Bob Hill said a police senior-sergeant was sent to the area to investigate the incident. "The Indian fans interviewed said they were not offended by the chant so there was no need for anyone to be ejected," Insp Hill said.


So possessing or not possessing a visa makes you a member of a particular race? Reminiscent of the Leftist claim that Americans who oppose illegal immigration are "racists".

Posted by John Ray

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