Who is really for women's rights

Leftists always say they are for women's rights and equality, well I say, like most things leftists utter, it's just lies and half-truths. Col. Hogan from Wayne's Dirty Lab posted a saying in one of his posts by author L Neil Smith, "Leftists would rather see a woman lying in the mud, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, than see her with a handgun in her purse."
FOXNews - Police have identified the gunman who killed two teenage sisters outside a Colorado megachurch Sunday as Matthew J. Murray, 24, of Englewood, Colo., FOX News confirmed Monday. The gunman opened fire in the parking lot of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs Sunday, before being shot and killed himself by a female church security guard.
That saying is 100% correct, the reality of their failed gun-control policies would be that woman lying in the cold ice, shot and killed by that gunman. Like the example of the woman in my post a while back, the only option they'll give women, is 000-dial-a-prayer or 911-dial-a-prayer. Folks like me would never deny a woman the right to defend herself with a gun, the easiest way to stop a rapist or murderer. If you believe the world is just rose petals and wonderful then that's fine with me, at least I'll allow you the freedom to choose ignorance. But leftists will stop you from choosing wisely.

Update - Pic of the security guard added, good on you Jeanne Assam, God bless you.

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