Leftists are all about 'sacrifice'

Just not the type of sacrifice you're thinking about, isn't is amazing how most leftist plans always involve someone else paying for it. Oh and only leftists can get away with telling you that by taking money away from you, you'll spend more of it. Maybe they're confusing 'economic' growth with 'tax' growth. Does anyone know who exactly they consider to be 'wealthy' individuals?

Washington Times - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday said her plan for fiscal responsibility includes tax increases, during a debate at which the Democratic contenders kept it civil and stressed they will "ask" Americans to sacrifice to achieve their policy goals. "I want to restore the tax rates that we had in the '90s," said the New York Democrat and former first lady. "That means raising taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals. I want to keep the middle-class tax cuts." Mrs. Clinton also said cost savings from her universal health care plan would help the average Americans and spur economic growth.

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