How Far We Fall. . .

. . .is entirely up to us, but if this grotesque hero worship goes too much further, then Hicks’ incarceration will, to be quite frank, have been for nothing.

A DEFIANT David Hicks was in hiding last night after refusing to apologise for working with Islamic terror groups responsible for killing Australians.

Hicks, 32, looking robust and with shoulder-length hair, walked out of Adelaide's Yatala Prison yesterday morning after nearly six years behind bars.

A relative in a Victorian-registered car took him to the first of a series of secret safe houses.
Elvis has left the building. . .

Hicks made no apology for his actions in a statement read by his lawyer outside the prison after his client had left. Asked if Hicks felt he had anything to be sorry for, his father, Terry, said: "I don't think so." Mr Hicks later refused to say if Hicks was sorry for training with al-Qaida and serving alongside the Taliban.

"I think that's probably irrelevant now. He's out," he said.
Sorry - it’s far from irrelevant, and these creatures will persist on pretending that this man was guilty of nothing more than poor judgement while off on a fun little jaunt. I find this position, and its holders, deeply pathetic and worse. I believe this vile little mantra is motivated by, in some small part, deception, and in some much larger part, a deep and pervasive societal sickness (a disease I see manifest in most of the lefties I know, actually).

Now let’s hear why David’s little lack of remorse is a problem for quite a few of us out here in 'evil redneck land':

The snub sparked anger among terror victims and their families. Bali bomb survivor Therese Fox said it was a further insult to terror victims.

"We've had so many insults as victims of terrorism that this is just another one. You become desensitised to it," Ms Fox said.

She said the Bali bombers and the terror groups Hicks served with all had evil in common.

"I put them all in the same group. I think they're all evil," she said.

Paul Gyulavary, twin brother of 9/11 victim Peter, said: "I hope he shows some dignity and fades away. There's been a lot of taxpayer dollars spent to give him what I consider a fair bit of sympathy. I don't believe he was badly treated. His situation should be weighed against what happened to the 3000 people who died on September 11 and their families."

Their anger was echoed by David Cearns, whose daughter Jodie, 35, was a victim of the 2002 Bali bomb blasts.

Mr Cearns, the husband of Olympic gold medal heptathlete Glynis Nunn-Cearns, said he believed Hicks should not have been released from jail and Australians had "gone soft".

Federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson said Hicks should apologise.

"Whilst it is understandable that Mr Hicks thanked those who helped secure his release, the rest of the country will expect nothing less than an unqualified apology for his self-confessed material support for terrorism," Dr Nelson said.

On Friday, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Hicks should be treated like any other former prisoner.
Ahhh – sorry – no – he really can’t. And that’s quite simply because he is not ‘any other’ former prisoner – he is David Hicks, the captured Taliban fighter and Al-Qaeda sympathiser – the supporter of a world-wide ideology that would destroy us if given half a chance – a man who went to war on their behalf, and against us and everything that we believe. He is a grotesque; an aberration; a representative threatener of our entire ‘group’ – in short, he should be punching every survival button we humans, as a species, possess.

That he does not punch these buttons for so many of us is a frightening symptom.

The whole point of Hicks’ incarceration, though – even in face of the fact that we had no laws by which to try him, which, on an earlier return, would have handed him a free pass (a fact the lefties have always known full well and yet have steadfastly refused to answer) – was to make an example of him in the only way possible without actually taking his life, and, most importantly, to dissuade others who might be thinking similarly traitorous thoughts.

For my part, I entirely agree with Paul Gyulavary, and hope he just now fades away; to make a celebrity of this creature now undermines the entire point of having him behind bars in the first place. I have no doubt that the lefties and their pet media-of-the-fifth-column won’t let us down there, though – they’ve been doing such a bang-up job of gumming up the works on every other front for the last several years, why would they stop now?

Update: One reason why the Australian Democrats just went the way of the Dodo:

MONITORING confessed terrorism supporter David Hicks after his release is unnecessary since existing laws and surveillance techniques would suffice, the Australian Democrats say.
Huh? Monitoring is unnecessary because we’re already able to monitor using existing techniques and laws (under which the authority to monitor was just granted)? HUH? What on earth is this lady trying to say? Oh – that’s right – absolutely nothing.

Situation normal. . .

Democrats Senator Natasha Stott Despoja said the control order subjecting Hicks to a nightly curfew and requiring him to report to police three times a week is unjust.
And Natasha would know all about that, wouldn’t she (after that opening paragraph?). I’m so glad the Democrats are gone.

"Mr Hicks has made it clear through his lawyer and family that he wants to move on with his life," Ms Stott Despoja said in a statement.
Goody for him, but I don’t actually give a toss what he or his family wants, and that’s hardly a case to put as to whether or not he actually constitutes any kind of potential ongoing threat. But Natasha knows best, I guess. . .

"I hope governments of all persuasions will respect this."
In the same way he respected them (and us)? Okay – if you insist. . .

Actually, Tash, it ain’t up to the Government – the Court provided this ruling. Are you, with this statement in our national media, respecting that?

She also hopes the government will not treat Hicks as a "political football". "David Hicks' treatment is a blight on the former (Liberal) government, which abandoned him overseas for more than five years before his ongoing detention began to bite them politically," Ms Stott Despoja said.
What absolute balls. Natasha, like so many of the bleating heads out there, just doesn’t (or simply refuses to) get it. This is not about politics – it’s not about some minor policing matter.

It’s about survival. It always has been. Once again, thank God the Democrats are politically gone. A few less suicidal windbags (jostling for their turn at the wheel) to have to worry about. . .

Update II: DAVID Hicks won't be taken seriously until he renounces terrorism, a prominent human rights lawyer says.

But of course this man is right – in a sense – unfortunately, he’s just got it all completely arse about – and this is the whole problem. Far too many of us do not take this man or his evil seriously right now (let alone after delivering some half-baked and no doubt bullshit apology).

Just one small example of what Hicks stood for and may well stand for still:
Hicks allegedly expressed anti-Semitic views to Feroz Abbasi, a fellow detainee at the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Abbasi, according to memoirs published in Time magazine, said he trained with Hicks at al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. Abbasi wrote that Hicks had said he wanted to "go back to Australia and rob and kill Jews", crash a plane into a building, and "go out with that last big adrenalin rush".
Hicks was always going to be an ongoing problem no matter what, thanks mostly to many of those on the left who seek to idolise him. This media feeding frenzy may end up making him a much, much bigger one.

Update III: There’s a seriously foul stench in the air:

A $1 million international bidding war is set to erupt for rights to David Hicks' story. Australian and US media organisations are expected to fight it out for interviews, book deals and movie rights.

While legislation prevents Hicks from profiting from his story, his father, Terry, has reportedly indicated the family has been advised on possible loopholes in the laws.
Vile. Absolutely vile.

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