The nannying industry:

Women drink-drivers 'disaster waiting to happen'
5:00AM Sunday December 30, 2007
By Rebecca Milne
One in four drink-drivers is now a woman - up from one in 20 - and police say many are driving with children and are a "big disaster waiting to happen".
"Finally the (female) statistics are catching up with reality and showing us what is going on out there," said Alcohol Healthwatch's Rebecca Williams.
Auckland police road policing manager Heather Wells said one of the most disappointing aspects was women drink-driving with children in the car.
Megan McPherson, spokeswoman for the Sensible Sentencing Trust's Cross Roads group lobbying for harsher penalties for repeat drink and drug drivers, said female drink-driving needed immediate attention.
I get the definite impression that Kiwis are bloody sick of being nannied and lectured by busybodies and they're simply tuning out the messages.

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