But... but... Your rights at work!!

Yahoo!7 News - The NSW government insists there is no truth in union claims the proposed electricity sell-off will send thousands of jobs offshore and mean consumers' complaints being answered by overseas call centres. Unions NSW have started their push to stop the government's plan to sell its retail companies and lease its power stations, with secretary John Robertson dismissing the government's three-year job guarantee. "Whether it is 1,300 or 3,000 jobs being sent to India after three years, we simply don't think this is acceptable," Mr Robertson said. "To say that all jobs in billing, customer service and crisis management have been guaranteed in the long-term is rhubarb and the treasurer knows it. "The issues around privacy and identity theft still need to be dealt with and we intend to raise these issues with the government on behalf of NSW working families over the coming weeks."

Hang on just a minute there, back during the recent election campaign, it was like we would all be in the dole queue if the Howard junta was allowed to take over in another bloody coup, your rights at work, every one of you, no such thing as state awards and some of you not being affected at all. We saw old ladies abandoned, grand parents fretting, youngsters grimly contemplating their future, housewives whining in their expensive kitchens about grocery prices, the working families thrown out on their asses into the streets. Now that the Howard Junta has been overthrown in that glorious revolution and will be tried for crimes against humanity, the crusades and the massacre of some tribe 2348 years ago, I thought we'd all be safe in our jobs.

We wouldn't have to worry about our jobs being taken by those bloody curry-munchers [sorry, I couldn't help stirring the pot a bit]. Now we're told by the Unions and Labor that jobs will be guaranteed for 3 years, that's it, why not for life, working families don't end at the end of every term or something. Why isn't Kevin Rudd stepping in, I don't care if he's in Bali, he said Australian working families, they are back here... what... nothing he can do, state matter, can't get involved, you mean they lied to us, the Unions and Labor were telling half-truths, no way, it can't be, the left, lying sacks of filth, no way, say it ain't so.

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