Proof that leftists are too stupid

Too stupid to learn from others mistakes. At best leftists are only capable of learning from their own mistakes and that, only after making them over and over and over and over. Remember that lesbian couple in ACT who went for IVF and claim to have told the doctor that she only wanted one baby and he implanted her with two embryos. They are now suing the doctor for the cost of raising the unwanted child, who is so unwanted that they still want to raise and now suddenly love, but the doctor must pay for because they never wanted the child in the first place. Anyway just looking at this case, you'd think that the other states in Australia might be a bit concerned about allowing Lesbians access to IVF, well guess again.

Yahoo!7 News - The Victorian Government will make it easier for single mothers and lesbians to access IVF technology. The laws are being relaxed in line with recommedations from the Law Reform Commission. The Commission said the should allow single mothers and lesbians to have better access to IVF technology. Attorney-General Rob Hulls says discrimination on the basis of marital status or sexual orientation of the parents should be removed. But the government has no plans to allow same sex couples to adopt. Mr Hulls says the legislative changes will be in the best interests of the children.

He forgot to add, 'yet' when he said there were no plans for same-sex adoption, that'll come soon, just let this sink in and once the furore dies down, they'll be weaseling in same-sex adoption, marriage, 3+ parents and all that as well. I can see doctors deserting IVF because there will obviously be some law somewhere preventing them from refusing IVF to lesbians and who will this affect in the long run, that's right, normal couples. There you go, the leftist motto, where possible take human life, otherwise hinder it and always assist those that can contribute to either of these.

Oh and when leftists tell you something is in the best interests of the children, it's a gold plated guarantee that they are the last on the leftist priority list. I'll believe leftists care for children when they stop pushing abortion and start calling for action on aboriginal children being abandoned to rape, abuse and murder because we're not allowed to "steal" them to give them an actual life. I saw in a movie that Sydney is apparently the "poofter" capital of Australia, perhaps Victoria is the loony left state of Australia. Judging by the number of nutjob leftists from Melbourne that we see on the blogosphere, maybe it is. Apologies to any Conservative Victorians reading this.

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