"School reduced to cartoons and PC self-loathing"

Hilary Martin:

"AS one who recently graduated from one of Queensland's best private schools, I view the Rudd Government's promise to consult a team of education experts in drafting a national curriculum with trepidation. These so-called experts, remember, inflicted on us entire terms of work on Queen Kat, Carmel & St Jude Get a Life and The Simpsons, not to mention long assignments on designing advertising campaigns and the front covers of teenage magazines.

The justification for The Simpsons was that it contains myriad references to Dante. Too bad hardly any of the students knew what he'd written before or after that term. My five years of high school English were dominated by some of the most vapid aspects of our culture.

In history, meanwhile, we took a suffocatingly PC approach that emphasised all that is wrong about our nation's past and identity. "
If we can't teach kids to value what's good about our culture and our history, then they won't defend it.
And it will be destroyed by the thugs and the primitives.
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