Blasted whales again..

SMH - Anti-whaling protesters have vandalised the Japanese Consulate in Melbourne with fake blood. A consulate spokesman, who declined to be named, said about six protesters spread red ink on carpet inside the consulate office on the 45th floor of the Melbourne Central building in Elizabeth Street this afternoon.

MK - Meanwhile around 80,000 abortions are performed in Australia every year, any one of these scumbags got any fake blood for the unborn, those who have no voice? When you think about it they are worse off than the damn whales, at least they are killed for "research" and eaten, the unborn are just killed and discarded. The Better Health [well, not for the baby] Channel says that the current "studies have shown that the majority of Australians support the idea of safe [again, not for the baby] and legal abortions." I just wish the majority of Australians would get as hysterical and emotional about our own species before we start wailing about whales!!

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