"Acting" on climate change

LiveNews - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has ruled out endorsing proposed short-term greenhouse gas emission targets of up to 40 per cent by 2020 but says that does not mean the Bali climate change conference will be a failure. Mr Rudd ruled out endorsing a draft proposal from conference organisers for drastic cuts to emission levels of between 25 and 40 per cent over the next 12 years for developed nations. He denied that the meeting would be a failure without an agreement on specific targets.

"The figures that you talk about are those which have been arrived at on the basis of the deliberations of technical officers. They reflect where the science stands," Mr Rudd told reporters. "National governments have not accepted those across the board as targets for themselves at this stage, nor targets for themselves collectively at this stage so there's a way to go with all of this. "The objective of Bali is to start the process of negotiations for the next couple of years to bring about a real outcome to deal with excessively dangerous climate change.

Back during the election campaign, we were told Australia did nothing for 11 years under Howard, nothing on climate change, and for that we would burn, burn you bastards, burn!! He was going to "act on climate change" by starting a glorious new war, finally a war that the left would support, a war against man's ancient foe. There would be targets, WORKING FAMILIES demand it, 11 long wretched years of inaction was enough!! No wait, looks like it's going to be 13 or 15 years now, perhaps since we've waited 11, what's a few more years ey. I was looking forward to a much cooler summer, who would have thought that he really was just "acting". By the way, looking a bit tired there PM, what's the matter, something we need to know about, not quite what you thought it would be, yeah the old guy made it look easy, he used to just stand there and belt it out to those sniveling curs in the media. Yeah well it's you now, enjoy the trip to Bali, let's hope you get the "advice" from your technical officers by then.

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