The Green jackboot:

From a letter to the editor in today's Dominion Post:
"...Media articles are not balanced by adding the opinion of climate sceptics. Would you print comments from a Holocaust-denier in an article about war-time reparations? Or the comments of a giant tobacco company in coverage of lung cancer rates? It's time to get real and stop seeking opinions that are outdated, driven by spin and just plain misleading."
Susannah Bailey. Greenpeace.
This dishonest (or just plain stupid) woman also claims "scientific consensus" as one of the basics of climate change. So she knows nothing about science.
Let's leave aside for now the fact that Greenpeace are proven liars and one of the founders of that organisation has since disassociated himself from them. What we see here is an increasing tendency of the warming religionists to try and place any criticism of their idiotic cult beyond the pale by using references to Holocaust denial.
It's not such a long step from that attitude to the knock on the door in the early hours, to the short walk down to the cellar of some Lubyanka and the bullet in the back of the head.
This cow has religion and by Gaia, she's going to make you see The Light.

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