Right on target!

Comment by "Zenster", writing in Gates Of Vienna under the post "The Future Without Benazir Bhutto":
" It looks like most people are missing the big message here:


Yes, Bhutto was your average run-of-the-mill corrupt wannabe banana republic dictator. But, she was a secular run-of-the-mill corrupt wannabe banana republic dictator and when dealing with Islam, even that slight difference is significant. Personally, as The Average Joe already noted, I am also amazed that she survived for this long. After all, a woman presuming to run "The Land of the [Islamically] Pure" in its currently more advanced fundamentalist form is just a bit much, now isn't it?

As I have mentioned before, at some point the West will probably need to adopt a few of jihad's strategies in order to wage counter-jihad. Few major forest fires are fought without lighting back-fires to deny the conflagration further fuel. Similarly, we need to begin denying jihad its own "fuel" or prime movers: Namely, its clerics, scholars and financiers. Please consider that the removal of less than 100 such operatives could temporarily stall or cripple Islam long enough for us to potentially turn the tide against terrorism."
The whole comment is posted over at Crusader Rabbit

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