Why I think John Howard will win this election

This evening on the way home, I was listening to the radio when I heard some bloke from one of the nation’s newspapers assuring us of a Howard defeat, he was careful to say it wouldn’t be a landslide, but then a landslide is what is needed for a defeat. Well, the polls consistently say he will lose and I’ll admit, I’m not 100% confident, but there are indications that he will pull it off in the end. Labor also admit that they have a huge task ahead of them, they need to win 16 seats and they cannot lose any of their own. Let me get a couple of the things out of the way, the traditional Labor voter is not going to change and many in the young generation are too mesmerized by Rudd and his talk of revolutions and what not. They’re also still under the spell of their loony left teachers who insisted through their school years that anyone-but-Howard will usher in Utopia and social justice. Let me outline why I believe John Howard still has a fighting chance.

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