N.Z.--a dying country?

Muriel Newman:
"With the average Kiwi family being more than $5,000 better off living in Australia than New Zealand, it is no wonder that almost 500 New Zealanders a week are packing up for life across the Tasman. According to the Australian Immigration statistics, 23,906 people who were born in New Zealand settled in Australia during the 2006-07 year. This is a 25 percent increase on the year earlier.

These statistics follow on from the shocking report published by the OECD in 2005 which showed that almost a quarter of New Zealand's most highly skilled people had left the country - the biggest exodus of skilled workers from any developed nation. Some 24.2 percent of people born in New Zealand with a tertiary education now live overseas, compared with only 2.5 percent of tertiary-educated people born in Australia who live overseas.

In this age of easy travel and competitive global labour markets, these figures are a clear signal that increasing numbers of New Zealand taxpayers are no longer prepared to put up with the Labour government’s lie that the country cannot afford tax cuts. With a strong economy delivering year in, year out surpluses, Labour is now spending $20 billion a year more than they did when they first came to office."
New Zealand Centre for Political Research

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